Palm Trees and Sunset Decorative Pillow Cover - Handmade and Hand Painted - Black Background - 14"


Decorative Pillow Cover, Great 16" Accent Pillow for Any Room, Combination of Greens, Blues, Yellows and Orange - Hand Dyed


Decorative Pillow Cover, Handmade and Hand Painted Pillow Cover, Great White Egret Shore Bird, Cotton Twill, Durable Accent Pillow, Size 18"


Decorative Pillow Cover, Handmade and Hand Dyed Batik Pillow Cover, Cotton Duck Cotton Batik, Durable Accent Pillow


Sea Shells Hand Painted Bolster Pillow Cover


Lace and Rosebuds Upcycled Red Denim Skirt


Denim Skirt, Upcycled Junior's Denim Skirt, Floral Ruffles and Lace, Size 5


Lace and Hand Painted Pink Rosebuds Upcycled Denim Skirt


Blue Hibiscus Hand Painted Purse


Purse, Pink Rosebuds, Hand Painted Purse


Purple Recycled Denim Shoulder Purse


Shoulder Purse - Recycled Denim Shoulder Purse, Handmade and Hand Painted Drinks Galore


Handmade and Hand Painted Denim Shoulder Purse, Black and White Roses


Girl's Pierced Earrings


Handmade Denim and Vintage Jewelry Brooches


Audie Mae Designs - Fabric Creations for Family and Home

Welcome to Audie Mae Designs.

I am so pleased to be able to share my painting passions with you.
I love painting on fabrics and making items out of recycled denim like aprons and upcycled children's clothes.
I also make and paint pillow covers; with shorebirds being my favorite topic.

You can also find more of my items on